Package 1:

Kitchen Gardening Rs. 5,500 per Month (1 to 2 Marla’s)

  • Shaping of Plants (Pruning & Trimming)
  • Weeding of Plants
  • Hoeing of plant soil (Goody)
  • Use all kind of fertilizers according to requirement
  • Termite, aphids, bugs control spray of pesticides and herbicides, according to requirement
  • Visits of our skilled labor,2-4 times per month according to requirement
  • Use of organic compost for vegetables according to requirement
  • Design and new ideas for your kitchen garden
  • Recommendation of vegetables according to season, soil and water
  • Soil treatments, soil testing according to requirement
  • Consultancy of members of newly established areas
  • Seeds sowing of coriander, mint, Aloe Vera, approx. 200 plants