Moringa: Miracle Plant


Plant height: Can reach up to 12 meters.

Plant Spread: Diameter of Trunk is 45 cm.

General Description: moringa is a fast Growing drought resistant tree of
family moringaceae native to tropical and sub tropical region of south Asia it
is widely cultivated for its young seed pods and leaves used as vegetables and
for traditional herbal medicine.

Flower Color: White to cream Yellow

Bloom time: after 8 to 12 months of Seeding

Maximum reachable Height: 12-14 meters

Planting and caring

Sunlight: As they are native to tropical and subtropical area of Asia they
required Maximum sunlight. Almost 6 hours of direct sunlight

Soil: Well drained Sandy loam or loam soil but tolerates clay.

Water: as it is a drought resistance tree it required rarely less water that’s
why they grow in well drained soil

Fertilizer: grow well without adding very much fertilizer

Temperature: 25-35 C but can tolerate up to 48 C

After Care

Proper Inspection of Insects and pest
Soil should be well drained
Flooding should be Avoided
Harvesting: Leaves from high density moringa fields can be harvested after
plant grows 1.5 -3 cm. which usually takes 60-90 days

Uses of plants/products

Special features: Fast Growing deciduous tree and almost all parts of tree
can be consumed and have magistic effects on human body. All components
of plant is full of nutrition.

Culinary uses: fresh or dries leaves can be used as salad, preparation of
sauces, used to make tea, moringa oil rich in vitamin A& C.

Ornamental uses: can be grow in house provide shade and beauty due to its
fresh green leaves with good surrounding, Nowadays used for agroforestry
which increase the beauty of field.

Medicinal Uses: various parts of plants act as cardiac and circulatory
stimulants,antipyretic, antitumor,antiepileptic,anti inflammatory,anti
ulcer,diuretic, antioxidant etc